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Sunrise Concert: 10th Edition

It was a great emotion to return to play in Numana, 13 years from the first concert at dawn, for the 10th edition and after the interruptions due to covid.

It was a special edition, where nothing was missing. 

There was the elegance of the string quartet, the explosiveness of the band, the sweetness of the voice of Rosa Sorice, the conducting of fraternal friend Maurizio Socci together with my sister Lucia. There was the moment to remember Franco Cerri, great musician and great man who for many years shared with us this stage. And there was Diana, the very young Ukrainian pianist who escaped from the war. She lived in Kharkiv in her house with a beautiful garden and a swimming pool. The parents ran three restaurants, then occupied by the army. They had many plans and many dreams. They had to run away. I like to think that Franco Cerri, from up there, was happy to pass the baton to a girl of such great talent. Long live the Music!


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